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The Excutel partner program is designed to enhance the existing service portfolios of independent companies. Benefits include training and support with sales, marketing, technical matters, customer service and training. We are always eager to partner with reliable service providers and consultancy firms that are looking to add powerful new revenue streams to their enterprise. The complete catalog of Executel cloud-based voice, data, Internet, and networking services is one of the most extensive available to aspiring partners, and we empower you to increase both sales volume and profits.

Executel partners enjoy special resale rates, which enable you to craft your own value added service packages and pricing points. Client billing remains in your control, and correspondence takes place on your own corporate letterhead. Better yet, we can help you either gradually expand your sales opportunities by offering a few Executel services at a time, or dramatically increase your revenue streams by taking immediate advantage of the full range of partnership opportunities.

Our promise to you is that we work hard to maintain a professional relationship with each and every one of our valued partners. We never get in the way of your customer relationships, but rather stay hidden in the background to offer the quick activation and installation you need to keep customers happy. The Executel project management team is also at your service to help with customer service, technical support, business development, and other training and marketing matters. We’re eager to discuss our partner program with you. To tap into our high-performance systems across voice, data, Internet and network transport services, please connect with us today.

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